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AI Chip Battle: US vs. China

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Biden Targets China's AI Chip Supply

The Biden Administration Considers More Limits on China's Access to AI Chip Technology

  • The U.S. may further restrict China's access to advanced chip technology used in AI.

  • New rules could limit China's use of a cutting-edge chip design called gate all-around (GAA).

  • Leading chipmakers like Nvidia, Intel, and AMD plan to start mass-producing GAA chips soon.

These restrictions are part of a larger effort to prevent China from using advanced technology to improve its military capabilities. This decision could impact global chip markets and international relations.


Lucy by Curious Thing AI - Free for Business and Personal Use

2 minutes to set up from your mobile

Answer missed calls instead of using voicemail

Available in the US and Australia

Coming soon to the UK and Canada

Get instant call summaries via text

Plus more advanced features


DeepSwapper is a free tool for swapping faces in images

Unlimited swaps with high-quality and realistic results.

No watermarks, ads, or limits on the number of swaps.

DeepSwapper is secure, does not store uploaded images, and supports various file formats.

Top Rated AI Tools

TeamCreate: AI's for hundreds of roles in sales, finance & more

Zeacon: The 24/7 video marketer

iOS 18: The newest iPhone software from Apple

MacOS Sequoia: The newest Mac software from Apple

Lettre app: Handwritten letters, digital stamps and penpals for the iPad


Elon Musk has officially withdrawn his lawsuit against OpenAI, just one day before a key court hearing. The lawsuit had claimed that OpenAI was no longer focused on its mission to develop AI for the benefit of humanity.

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer allow users to create custom GPTs in its Copilot Pro subscription service. The company is shifting its focus to enterprise and commercial applications.

How to Create Interactive Charts with GPT-4o

  1. Go to ChatGPT and select GPT-4o as your model.

  2. Upload your data file to ChatGPT (avoid including any sensitive information).

  3. Click on the expand button to explore your data. Ask ChatGPT to create a chart to visualize your data.

  4. For example, if you upload a spreadsheet with data on the Japanese automobile industry, you can use this prompt:

Create a pie chart to display the total units sold by each brand in 2021
  1. You can interact with and edit the chart in ChatGPT by clicking the edit button in the top right corner.

Prompt of The Day

Social Media Scheduling

Create a social media schedule: You are an expert social media manager. I want you to create a schedule for social media posts over one month, starting from [insert date that schedule will start]. The frequency of posting will be [daily/every two days/every weekday/weekly]. My business is called [insert name] and we sell [insert products or services]. For each post, include the day it will be published, a heading, body text and include relevant hashtags. The tone of voice we use is [professional/casual/funny/friendly]. For each post, also include a suggestion for an image that we can use that could be found on a stock image service.


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