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How AI Will Help us in Future Jobs

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Welcome to our Tuesday edition!

We have guide about how to translate your videos with a new AI tool.

Make sure you check it out!

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Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come.

Get up and make them.


Your info is on the dark web

Every day, data brokers profit from your sensitive info—phone number, DOB, SSN—selling it to the highest bidder. And who’s buying it? Best case: companies target you with ads. Worst case: scammers and identity thieves.

It's time you check out Incogni. It scrubs your personal data from the web, confronting the world’s data brokers on your behalf. And unlike other services, Incogni helps remove your sensitive information from all broker types, including those tricky People Search Sites.

Help protect yourself from identity theft, spam calls, ID theft and health insurers raising your rates. Plus, just for our readers: Get 55% off Incogni using code PRIVACY.


How AI Could Help Curb Global Labor Shortages

Business leaders are talking about how AI can affect the economy. They're worried that as AI gets better at doing human jobs, it might lead to job loss. On the other hand, there's a shortage of working-age people in advanced countries.

The big question for the next decade is whether there will be not enough workers or too many job losses due to AI. If generative AI can help companies produce more without needing many workers, it might be a solution.

Some experts believe that AI could boost productivity, similar to a period called the "Great Moderation" in the early 2000s.

“How to” AI Tool

Among all AI start-ups and tools there’s one that stands out.

And that is HeyGen.

HeyGen is known for it’s great voice generation and translator.

In this section we’re going to teach you how you can translate your videos into any language you want.

  1. Open HeyGen

  2. Login with your google account

  3. Once you’re in go to left menu bar

  4. select video translate

  5. Then simply upload your video and select the language you want

  6. Wait for a few minutes and boom!

You got a nice translated video.

You will be amazed by how amazing it is.

Top Rated AI Tools

AirBrush Studio: AI headshot generator

Daydream: BI for people who run sh*t

Arc Search: Fast and ad-free web browsing

Tart Finance: Transform Chrome startpage to stock hub

Layerpath: Create interactive demos, guides & videos in minutes


Some companies are tricking people by pretending their products use AI while they don't really have advanced technology. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulators are warning against this practice, calling it "AI washing".

The government wants U.S. cloud companies to check if foreign groups are using American data centers for AI. They are also thinking about controlling AI chips to stop China from getting advanced technology. Biden's paper makes AI developers share safety tests with the government before showing them to the public.

In September, the Mayo Clinic in Arizona made a new job called "chief artificial intelligence officer". The hospital had tried using A.I. before, but after the excitement about ChatGPT, they wanted to use A.I. more.


Nowadays, creating content is easy.

However, standing out from the crowd is getting harder every day.

You need to make content that:

  • Highlight your skills

  • Showcase your brand

  • Make you stand out

You can use this prompt to start with

My business has a lot of competitors in our industry. What strategies can I use to differentiate my brand and and daily content to stand out and appeal to <unique selling point>, <brand personality>, and <target audience>? 

If you found this prompt useful,
You can find more useful prompts by clicking here.

Cool Free AI Tool

Imagine you had a paint brush that could magickly make pictures come alive

Well, you can actually do that using a AI tool.

First go to runwayml

Once you logged in, you can find a tool name Motion Brush.

All you need to do is upload any photo

Then you paint over the area you want to bring to life.

Now you can bring any image to life.



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