Amazon's $230M Investment

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Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance, you must keep moving


Amazon's $230M AI Fund

Amazon Adds $230 Million in Cloud Credits to AI Startups

  • Amazon invests $230 million in AWS credits for AI startups.

  • Early-stage generative AI startups get free access to computing power and AI models.

  • The AWS Generative AI Accelerator program will support 80 early-stage companies globally.

This investment highlights Amazon's commitment to fostering AI innovation and solidifying its position in the competitive cloud services market.


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AI Movie Weekend

A sci-fi movie set on a spaceship traveling to a distant colony planet.

The ship is being controlled with an AI system called "Autodoc", which manage everything on board, from life support to navigation.

The story follows two characters, Jim and Aurora, who wake up from hibernation 90 years too early and facing isolation and critical decisions aboard the ship.

Passengers (2016)

Top Rated AI Tools

PyjamaHR: Hiring made so easy, you can do it in your pyjamas

OTTO SEO by Search Atlas: Automate your SEO and start ranking

Mapify: Anything to mind maps by AI

Liveblocks 2.0: Unlock collaboration in your product

Partnerplace io: Partner relationship management platform for the IT industry


An AI candidate named ‘AI Steve’ is running for U.K. Parliament in next month’s general election, raising controversial questions about using AI in government.

OpenAI's CTO (Mira Murati) took part in a Q&A with Fortune Magazine, discussing various topics such as criticism from Elon Musk, the strength of their AI models, and the 2023 board drama.
Watch it from here

How to generate music using Udio AI

  1. Visit Udio AI’s website and log in.

  2. You'll receive credits to create your songs.

  3. Describe your song idea in the prompt box at the top.

  4. You can add suggested tags or your own lyrics.

  5. Use this prompt: “a song about a guy who loves sunset, classical.”

  6. Wait a few minutes for your AI-generated song.

  7. You can remix, extend, share, or download your song.

Prompt of the day

Weekend Trip

Plan a weekend trip!

You are my travel agent. Give me five ideas for a weekend trip from [YOUR CITY] that are within a two-hour drive. I will be traveling during [DATES/MONTH] with [TRAVEL COMPANIONS], and we enjoy things like [ACTIVITY], [ACTIVITY], and [TYPE OF EXPERIENCE]. Ask me five questions that would help you do a better job of helping me pick a place.


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