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Apple, Meta’s Unexpected AI Deal

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Every closed door isn’t locked.
Even if it is…
YOU just might have the key!


Apple, Meta in AI Partnership

Apple is reportedly in talks with Meta to integrate the social media giant's generative AI models into Apple Intelligence.

  • Apple is looking at partnerships beyond OpenAI, including Meta, Perplexity, and Anthropic. These could join ChatGPT in the new Apple Intelligence system.

  • The talks are unexpected due to the companies' long-standing rivalry, especially over privacy issues and Apple App Store policies.

  • Apple software chief Craig Federighi hinted at the company's plan to offer multiple AI options at WWDC.

For Apple, having various AI models ensures users get the best choice for any task. Meanwhile, Meta gains a major new distribution channel for its AI efforts.


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Generate images from text

Describe the image you desire, and the app will generate it for you like magic!

It runs locally on your device.

On macOS, developed exclusively for Apple silicon.

On iOS, it requires at minimum an iPhone 15 Pro or iPad with M1 processor.

Top Rated AI Tools

Sherloq: Collaborative AI repository for SQL users

Intentional: AI distractions blocker for focused work

UI Components: Reusable React components to build apps with Auth0

review legal: Understand your legal documents better than ever before

Wallow - Slack for makers: Slack, but uniquely designed for us


Stability AI, an open-source AI startup, has appointed a new CEO and received new funding. This comes after months of turmoil and the departure of their former CEO, Emad Mostaque.

ByteDance (the owner of TikTok) is teaming up with U.S. chip designer Broadcom to develop an advanced AI processor. This move aims to secure a steady supply of high-end chips amid ongoing U.S.-China tensions.

How to create images in real-time

  • Go to Leonardo.ai and sign up with your Google account

  • Go to Realtime Generation

  • Now, simply write what you want to generate in the text box and watch the magic happen

  • You can download your creation by clicking on the download button on the top right corner


Ancientpunk: Aztec

a photo, 20 mm 500T film grain, low angle shot, a mega Mech Aztec dam made of mechanical parts decorated with Aztec mosaics, plants surrounding the architectures, glowing neon displays about Aztec symbols, multiple waterfalls alongside the bridge, depth of the forest, humid, little fog, ambient lights on the dam, immersive. busy Aztec people on the dam

--ar 1:1


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