Bard Generates Photos Now

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Google’s Bard chatbot is adding AI image generation.

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  • Bard generates photos now, finally

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Bard generates photos now, finally

Google's Bard chatbot can now make pictures using AI, catching up to a feature ChatGPT Plus had for a while. You can tell Bard to create images using Google's Imagen 2 text-to-image model. Bard, now using Google's Gemini Pro big language model, was supposed to use the more powerful Gemini Ultra model, but that's still in progress.

Google sees Bard as a rival to ChatGPT Plus, which runs on GPT-4 and lets you make images with DALL-E 3. Bard lacked text-to-image features, but now you can use the updated Bard with Imagen 2 for free, unlike ChatGPT Plus, which needs a paid subscription.

AI Movie Weekend

A robot boy named David wants to become human to be loved by his human mother.

Movie name: “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”

“Humans made us too smart, too quick, and too many, that’s why they hate us”

Top Rated AI Tools

Flipner AI: Capture your ideas & craft texts with AI's touch

Promptly AI: No-code platform for generative AI apps and workflows

YASHICA Vision: Capture night in 4K

Favikon Chrome extension: Get more context on creators while browsing social media

Fotor AI: The ultimate all-in-one AI photo editor, for free


Victor Peng, AMD's president, said that the market for AI PCs will keep growing. AMD aims to compete with Nvidia and Intel in the AI race by focusing on personal computers with AI processors.

Amazon is adding an AI named Rufus to its shopping app. Rufus, the new feature, uses an AI trained, including Amazon's product list, customer reviews, and web data. Rufus helps answer questions, compare products, and suggest things to buy.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, talked about the company's investments in AI during a recent earnings call. He mentioned that Apple will showcase the results of these investments later this year. Cook expressed excitement about the opportunities in general AI.

“How to” AI

How to turn your videos into pixel art, animation, and more.

Step by step

  1. Go to

  2. Join their discord

  3. Select and join a generate group

  4. Type “/video”

  5. Select the video you want to convert

  6. After that type more descriptions about how you want the video

  7. After your video is processed, it asks you about the style you want

  8. After that, it will give you the generated video

Cool Free AI Tool

If you’re looking for a quick AI editor on your phone …

Photoleap is for you.

Photoleap has lots of AI tools you can play with.

Such as

  • Expanding the background

  • Create an AI background

  • Add tattoos

  • Add custom

  • Create AI headshots

  • Make hidden face

  • and more

You can Download Photoleap from the App Store or Play Store 



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