Chat-GPT Got a Memory

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Chat-GPT Got a Memory

OpenAI just made ChatGPT smarter by letting it remember important stuff from past talks. This helps it give better and more personalized replies in the future.

Here's the deal:

  • Users can decide what ChatGPT remembers. They can choose to delete stuff, clear its memory, or turn off this feature.

  • ChatGPT can learn from what users like, what they're talking about, and any instructions they give. This helps it get better and remember things from previous chats.

  • When developers allow it, GPTs (like ChatGPT) can use special memory skills.

  • They're testing this feature with a small group of both free and paid users this week. Later on, more people will get to try it.

Top Rated AI Tools

Superlist: Home to all your lists

fforward: Copilot for customer interviews

OMMT: Vehicle owners club app with awesome collectible cards

Taipy 3.0: Build powerful data and AI apps in pure Python

Mailforge: Cold email infrastructure sorted in minutes


Feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day? Some companies offer AI chatbots for romance, but they come with a catch. They gather lots of personal data about you and often sell or share it. Mozilla studied 11 of these chatbots and found they all invade your privacy.

Hackers are using AI chatbots to create phishing emails and learn about possible targets, says a new study by Microsoft and OpenAI.

AI can help scientists and inventors make new discoveries and creations. But how will patents work for inventions made with AI?
USPTO said that to get a patent, a real person must have made a big contribution to the invention, and only a human can be named as an inventor.

Cool Free AI Tool

Programmers thought they are safe from AI.

Well, they aren’t anymore. :)

This AI tool helps you to make a website in seconds.

There was a day when you wanted to build a website, you had to learn HTML/CSS.

AI is getting better everyday.

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