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Control Your Dreams With This AI Gadget

Welcome to our Friday edition!

Prophetic Start-up claims to have gadget that lets you control your dreams

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You Fail
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The AI System to Help You Control Your Dreams

image source: tomsguide

A new device called Morpheus-1 from the startup Prophetic lets you control your dreams. It uses technology like brainwave detection, ultrasound waves, and machine learning to make it happen.

A headband measures your brain waves, and the device stimulates specific parts of your brain to create dreams that you can control. It has batteries, Bluetooth, and WiFi for all-night use, and a companion app tracks your sleep and dream data.

AI Movie Weekend

AI assists us in our tasks. Basically we tell AI what to do.

But what if the AI sees us as a threat to its job?

In this movie, a group of scientists travels into space.

They also have an AI name HAL that runs their spaceship.

If you enjoy classic movies, this week's movie is perfect for you.

“2001: A Space Odyssey”

Top Rated AI Tools

Amie: The joyful productivity app

Sequence: Supercharge your money with the world’s first money router

Dokin: The Canva of data analytics

Corbado: Passkey-first authentication for developers

Sketch Logo AI: Craft logos, illustrations and tattoos in seconds with AI


Krutrim, an AI startup that got $50 million in funding. This makes the company worth $1 billion. It's the fastest Indian startup to reach this value, and the first AI startup in India to do so.

George Carlin's family is suing because someone made a comedy show using a computer to copy his voice and humor. They also said nobody asked permission or paid for using all of Carlin's jokes from the last 50 years.

Donald Trump recently shared a picture of himself praying in church, and it looks like it was made by AI. The image has some typical AI issues like too much soft focus, cinematic lighting, and an incorrect number of fingers.


How do you want to be successful in social media and have people buy from you all the time

when you don’t know your targeted audience?

Knowing your audience means knowing their:

  • Pain points

  • Fears

  • Motivations

  • Dreams

  • etc.

Sounds overwhelming?

That’s why we brought you this prompt today.

Develop a buyer persona report for <company name> that includes detailed insights into the motivations, pain points, and preferences of your target audience, along with recommendations for how to engage and convert them into customers.

If you found this prompt useful,
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Cool Free AI Tool

If you want to use image generator AI …

But at the same time you don’t want to pay $10 or $20 for it.

Then Leonardo is for you.

Each day you get 150 tokens for generating images.

Leonardo has

  • Image generation

  • Realtime Canvas

  • Canvas Editor

and more.

simply go to Leonardo, and start using it for free.



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