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OpenAI released a new feature for ChatGPT.

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Once you face your fear,
nothing is ever as hard as you think


Say Goodbye to Endless Browsing

Say hello to your new search engine.

With Bagoodex, you can find the information you need, in the oceans of content and data

Bagoodex gives you:

  • AI-Enhanced Results Preview

  • Personalized Recommendations

  • Predictive Search

You don’t even need sign up, simply go to and start using it for free.


“GPT mentions” is here

OpenAI recently added a new feature to ChatGPT called “GPT mentions”. This feature allows users to easily include custom bots in a conversation by tagging them.

This improvement makes it simpler for users to engage with GPTs directly within the conversation, eliminating the need to navigate through the GPT Store. Mentions also enable the integration of multiple GPTs in one chat, making workflows more efficient.

To use this beta feature, simply type '@' during a ChatGPT conversation. This will display a list of GPTs that you can mention and utilize in the chat.

Top Rated AI Tools

AI navigator by Nexa AI: Master AI tools before others do

ilcons: The missing link between icons & illustrations

ChatGPT Team: A customized, superassistant for every member of your team

Crewlix: Modern yet simple HR platform for hybrid teams

MVP Tester: Don't waste your time building the wrong idea


According to vice president of Google Chrome, writing on the web can be tough. In the next Chrome update, they plan to launch an experimental AI feature to help users write confidently on the web. Whether it's a review for a restaurant, an RSVP for a party, or a formal inquiry about renting an apartment, this AI writing assistant aims to make it easier.

Big tech companies like Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft want to reduce their reliance on Nvidia. They're investing in creating their own AI chips to have more control, cut costs, and avoid chip shortages.

Big AI companies like OpenAI and Google will soon have to tell the government whenever they create important AI models. This is because of a law called the “Defense Production Act”.


You’re making content every single day.

You have a product and a nice landing page as well.

But somehow you don’t get much sales or clients. WHY?

Because you don’t have a funnel.

This prompt gives you a funnel base on your industry.

Sales funnel optimization: I want to optimize my sales funnel in [e-commerce store/landing page/email marketing campaign] to increase conversions and revenue. 

If you found this prompt useful,
You can find more useful prompts by clicking here.

Cool Free AI Tool

Give your images a boost with today's AI tool.

Whether it's a special moment captured on your phone or an important image for work, this AI tool is here to make your visuals stand out.

Let the magic happen as the tool enhances details, sharpens colors, and transforms your photos into high-quality masterpieces.



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