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Elon Musk said Neuralink put its first brain chip in a person, and it worked.

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First Brain Chip

Elon Musk just shared that Neuralink put a special brain chip in a person, and the person is doing well after the surgery. The chip can detect signals from individual brain cells. Neuralink's first product, called “Telepathy” aims to let paralyzed people control things using their thoughts.

The tests are for people with spinal injuries or ALS. This is a big deal because it shows Neuralink is making progress in creating technology that could help paralyzed people and may become available to everyone.

Future of AI

We’ve seen many conflicts between countries in the last few months.

It gave us an idea to ask AI how future weapons look like, and this is what is gave us.

AI-guided Precision Missiles

Smart missiles equipped with AI technology for improved target recognition and tracking, enhancing accuracy and minimizing collateral damage

Autonomous Combat Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles armed with AI capabilities, capable of independently identifying and engaging targets without direct human control

Robotics Swarms

Swarms of AI-controlled robotic units designed for both ground and aerial operations, capable of overwhelming enemy defenses through coordinated attacks

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AMD said it expects to make $1.5 billion more from its AI processors in 2024. But, investors wanted even better news. AMD's new forecast is $3.5 billion for AI processors, which is almost double what they predicted before.

Microsoft made a lot of money in the last three months. They earned more than people thought they would. The company's profit was $2.93 for each share, and they made $62 billion in total.

North Korea has been using AI in different areas, like the military and nuclear reactor protection. The report mentions that North Korea is using AI for war simulations and working with Chinese tech researchers.


If you’re a marketer, you already know that the key to make the best content, is to write it for a specific group of people.

But sometimes making content for your targeted audience can be hard. specially if you’re just starting or if you are working with a client.

This prompt helps you to make content that resonates with your target audience.

My business has a lot of competitors in our industry. What strategies can I use to differentiate my brand and and daily content to stand out and appeal to <unique selling point>, <brand personality>, and <target audience>? 

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Cool Free AI Tool

With Today’s AI tool, you can talk to anyone you want.

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You can ask them any question you want and they will answer it to you.

Just see the result yourself.

Image source: “Matt Wolfe” YouTube channel

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