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Chrome AI is here and make sure you check out “FUTURE OF AI” section.

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Google is using AI to organize and customize your Chrome browser

Google's Chrome browser is using more AI to improve your browsing experience. They've introduced experimental features that you can turn on in settings. One cool feature is the Tab Organizer right-click on a tab, choose "organize similar tabs," and Chrome will group them automatically, making it easier to keep things in order.

The Chrome theme store also got an AI upgrade. Now, you can choose an image, style, color, and Chrome will create a matching theme for you. It uses a text-to-image model similar to Android's wallpapers.


Future jobs

Like it or not, AI is here to change the world.

We all knew this day will come.

Like it or not, it’s going to change our jobs too.

So the question is …

What you’re going to do about it?

You can start a start-up!

Start with buying a domain.

Buy a domain name “bulsh*

BOOM! You have an AI start-up.

If not, listen up.

This is a list of jobs that AI will make in the next few years.

  • AI Prompt Engineer

  • Generative Design Specialist

  • AI Input And Output Manager

  • AI Content Reviewer/Content Auditor

  • AI Trainer

The list goes on, but these are the most important.

Invest your time, by learning one of these skills in the next months or years.

Thank me later.

If you’re confused by this image, it shows you future jobs or some sh*t

Top Rated AI Tools

Peerlist 1.0: The professional network for people in tech

GrowthMentor: Grow your startup faster with 1:1 mentorship

Quicklisting: Submit your software startup to 150+ directories in 5 min

Brainner: Automate resume screening with AI

Stimch: Marketing automation at a fair price


Nvidia had a great year in the stock market because it makes technology for AI using graphics processing units (GPUs). Their sales and earnings went way up. But, some people think the stock is too high, and there could be challenges ahead, like restrictions on selling chips to China.

Media companies are negotiating with powerful AI companies like OpenAI for permission to use their data. At the same time, they are blocking digital tools used by AI to gather information. Recent data shows that more than 88% of major news outlets in the US prevent AI tools from collecting data for chatbots and other AI projects.

A big company in Europe called SAP is making changes. They're restructuring 8,000 jobs, which means changing how things work, because they want to focus more on AI. They're spending $2.2 billion, on this change.


When selling your product, having case studies is crucial.

However, not just any case study will do.

It needs to address a specific problem and demonstrate how it was solved.

The case study should be clear and impactful.

In short, it's all about how you present it.

This prompt will help you in doing that.

Write a case study that describes how your <product/service> solved a problem for a real customer, and provide data and other evidence that supports its effectiveness. Use language that connects with your <target audience>, and highlight the features and benefits that differentiate your solution from others on the market.

If you found this prompt useful,
You can find more useful prompts by clicking here.

Cool Free AI Tool

Remember the company that raised $1 billion in funding?

Turns out it wasn't for nothing!

There’s a tool in their website which can translate your videos!

Once you signed up you have 2 tokens to use this AI tool.

You will be amazed by how much accurate it is.

Simply go to labs heygen.

Then go crazy!



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