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Leaked Documents about Google Bard

Google is making big changes to its chatbot named Bard. It's getting a new name, Gemini, and there's a powerful version called Gemini Ultra coming out soon. The update will happen on Feb. 7th. They're also launching a paid version called 'Gemini Advanced' on the same day.

Gemini will have its first app on some Android phones, and it will be available globally later on. Canadians will finally be able to use Gemini on the web, and an app for them is on the way.

Top Rated AI Tools

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MindOS Memory Twin: Memorize, organize & amplify your thoughts

BuyMicroStartups: Buy and sell micro-startups without fees

Sensay: Dementia care with lifelike AI replicas

Sekker: Customer experience surveys

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In South Korea, a startup called Rebellions, led by a former Wall Street quant, got a big boost by raising $124 million in funding. This brings their total funding to $210 million, more than any other AI chip startup in South Korea.

In the past year, inflation went down, and lots of people have jobs. Even though things are getting better, Powell said they're keeping the interest rate steady for now. He thinks they might lower it later to help the economy.

Our increased use of web services and streaming is making data centers use a lot more electricity. By 2030, these centers might need three times more energy, making up 7.5% of US energy use. Cryptocurrency and the growing AI industry also add to this energy demand, with crypto possibly already using 2.3% of US energy.

“How to” AI

How to make these faces?

Step by step

  1. Go to

  2. Upload your image

  3. Select a style you like

  4. Enjoy your new image!

Cool Free AI Tool

One of the best ways to increase your focus while working is listening to music.

Todays tool is like Spotify. But for AI generated music.

You can tell it what kind of music you enjoy, and it will generate AI music in that style.

You can download Gradient Music from App store or Google play



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