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Google's Video AI Generator

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Welcome to our Thursday edition!

Google’s video generator is here.

We have a tool that helps you with your ads over social media.

Let’s go!

In today’s menu:

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  • Google’s insane Lumiere video generation AI

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If you want to lift yourself up,
lift up someone else


Keep Your SSN out of criminals' hands

The most likely source of your personal data being littered across the web? Data brokers. They're using and selling your information — home address, Social Security number, phone number and more.

Incogni helps scrub this personal info from the web and gives you peace of mind to keep data brokers at bay. Protect yourself: Before the holiday spam madness gets even worse, try Incogni. I did. It took me three minutes to set up.

Get your data off 180+ data brokers' and people-search sites automatically with Incogni. They offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy … But I bet you will be. Don’t wait! Use code “PRIVACY” today to get an exclusive 55% discount.


Google’s insane Lumiere video generation AI

Google introduced a cool new AI video generator called Lumiere. Unlike other video makers, Lumiere can create the entire video at once, handling both the space (where things are in the video) and time (how things move) aspects smoothly. It can do tricks like turning written prompts into videos, converting images into videos, and more.

In simple terms, Lumiere is advanced at making videos with text prompts and images. It can even change the style of a video and do other fun stuff.

AI & Marketing

If AI is creative enough to handle generating pics and video ….

then why not hand over some more creative work?

If you’re trying to figure out running Facebook & Instagram ads

You can start using “AdCreative”.

You just tell it what you need and then “AdCreative” is going to spit out ads.

The type of ads that needed creative freelancers or really expensive ad agencies to handle.

Simply go to AdCreative and start use it.

Top Rated AI Tools

Findr: Search all your apps, at once

Callbell Shop: Create your free WhatsApp store in minutes

AdCreative: Generate ad creatives that outperform your competitors

M1-project: Craft your startup's winning marketing strategy with AI

Graphy for Marketers: The fastest way to unify your marketing data


In a part of northern Virginia called "data center alley," the use of AI is making electricity usage go up a lot. The power company had to stop connecting new data centers in 2022 because they couldn't keep up.

Lawmakers in the Europe are working hard to make sure the EU is competitive in the field of generative AI. They want to support local AI startups and help them grow.

Victoria's Secret is teaming up with Google Cloud for several years. They want to use Google's smart computer technology to make a special shopping experience. By using Google Cloud's smart technology, they aim to make online shopping better for customers.


If you have a awesome product

And also a great marketing strategy

But still don’t get much sales

the issue is from your landing page.

It doesn’t convert visitors to buyers/customers.

Here’s a prompt that helps you with that.

Write a landing page that effectively communicates the value of your <product/service> and encourages visitors to take a specific action, such as filling out a form or making a purchase.

If you found this prompt useful,
You can find more useful prompts by clicking here.

Cool Free AI Tool

With todays AI tool, you can change your videos to

  • anime

  • pixel art

  • cartoon

  • etc.

With just one click.

Simply go to domoai and start use it for free.



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