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Microsoft’s New Game Changer

Welcome to our Friday edition!

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  • AI Inspiration Quote

  • Smooth Gaming on Copilot Plus PCs

  • AI Bingo Game!

  • AI Movie Weekend

  • Top Rated AI Tools

  • How to Create Your own Avatar Videos

  • Byte Sized news

  • AI Image of The Day

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When You Feel Like Quitting
Remember Why You Started


Smooth Gaming on Copilot Plus PCs

Microsoft is introducing Auto SR, a new feature for Copilot Plus PCs, rivaling technologies like Nvidia’s DLSS.

  • It upscales game resolutions and boosts frame rates automatically.

  • Auto SR integrates into Windows 11 and works with Copilot Plus devices featuring a Neural Processing Unit (NPU).

  • Unlike other super resolution tech, Auto SR doesn’t require game alterations for enhancement.

  • While there’s a slight latency, Auto SR improves visuals and energy efficiency without overburdening the GPU.

This development changes the gaming experience by making games look better and run smoother without needing changes from game developers.

Get Paid for Training AI

Get hands-on experience working in AI

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AI Bingo Game!

A fun guessing game where you have to guess which AI image generator created each picture.

Your options are Midjourney, DALL-E, or Stable Diffusion.

AI Movie Weekend

The story follows K, a new blade runner, who is a type of cop that hunts down old, rebellious replicants (human-like robots).
K discovers a secret that could shake society.

“Blade Runner 2049 (2017)”

“I've seen things you people wouldn't believe”

Top Rated AI Tools

FlowMapp 3.0: Visual website planning in the most powerful way

Sleepytales: Have AI read and write personalized bedtime stories

Syfly: Trusted partner for simplified data storage & easy sharing

Databutton: Let AI build your next SaaS application

BeeDone: Gamified AI to become more productive


Kuaishou (Chinese tech company) has launched KLING, a new AI model that creates high-quality videos up to 2 minutes long. Its outputs seem to compete with OpenAI's upcoming Sora.

ByteDance (parent company of TikTok) is renting advanced AI chips from Nvidia and using them in the U.S. This helps them get around restrictions on AI chip exports to China.

How to Create Your own Avatar Videos

You can create your own talking head AI avatar videos using D-ID.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to D-ID and sign up to receive bonus credits.

  2. Click on "Video Studio" in the left panel, then click on "+ Create Video".

  3. Choose an avatar from the list or upload your own headshot.

  4. Provide a script, choose a background, and add any text you want to display.

  5. Click the "Generate Video" button in the top right corner and wait a few seconds.

  6. Your AI-generated talking avatar video will be ready to share or download.

AI Image of The Day


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