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OpenAI's New Partnership

OpenAI, Microsoft, and Oracle are collaborating to provide more compute capacity for running ChatGPT by using Oracle's infrastructure with Microsoft's Azure AI platform.

  • OpenAI will use Oracle's chips to help scale its services.

  • OpenAI has relied on Microsoft for compute needs, with Microsoft investing $13 billion in OpenAI.

  • The partnership allows OpenAI to use the Azure AI platform on Oracle's infrastructure, maintaining its strategic relationship with Microsoft.

This partnership highlights the growing infrastructure needs of AI companies like OpenAI to meet demand and ensure reliability.

“Dream Machine”

LumaLabs has just launched Dream Machine, a new AI model that creates high-quality, realistic video clips from text and image prompts.

  • Dream Machine generates 5-second clips.

  • It's a transformer model trained on video content.

  • Luma says the model can produce 120 frames of video in 120 seconds.

  • It offers a free plan with 30 video generations.

While the public still waits for OpenAI’s Sora, models like KLING and Dream Machine are already providing powerful new capabilities.

Top Rated AI Tools

Namify AI: Free AI powered business name generator

Autodesigner 2.0: GenAI for UI design

Dad Can't Draw: Create custom coloring pages for kids from text prompts

Omi: AI powered contract and vendor management

MotherDuck: Now GA: the ducking simple analytics data warehouse


Samsung recently announced several AI chip developments. These include a new manufacturing roadmap, the latest chipmaking technology, and a 'turnkey' platform for AI chip solutions.

How to Plan Your Career with ChatGPT

Planning your career can feel overwhelming with so many paths to choose from, and it's hard to know where your current path will lead. To make this process easier, try these prompts:

Understand your current options:

The following is a description of what I do and where I am in my career. Act as an expert career advisor and create a list of possible career options: [Give details about your career].

Weigh the pros and cons:

The following is a description of the career path I want to take. List the pros and cons of this path: [list your career choices].

Plan your career path:

In 5 years, I want to [describe your career goals]. I am currently [describe where you are in your career]. Create a 5-year career plan that will help me get to my goal.

Explore alternate careers:

I am a [describe your profession]. I am looking to pursue a different profession. What are some alternate careers I can pursue with these skills: [list your current skills].

Remember, ChatGPT is a chatbot and may not always be accurate. Use its responses as suggestions, not foolproof recommendations.

Cheat Sheet of the day

Job Search


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