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Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Is about creating yourself.


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Andrej Karpathy Quit OpenAI

Andrej Karpathy, a big name in AI, is leaving OpenAI again to work on his own stuff. He helped start OpenAI in 2016, then worked at Tesla, and came back to OpenAI in 2023.

This comes after some issues at OpenAI involving Sam Altman and the board, and it's not clear what's up with the other founder, Ilya Sutskever. Karpathy says it's not about drama, he just wants to work on his own projects, like his popular AI lectures on YouTube.

This move raises questions about what's going on behind the scenes at OpenAI and where Karpathy will go next, with many companies likely interested in hiring him.

AI & Marketing

If you want to drive people from LinkedIn to your business you have few options

  • Putting valuable content out there

  • Outreaching to people

When you want to do outreach, you know you can’t copy and paste a message and hope for it to work.

You gotta personalize those messages!

The best tool you can use is Demand!

Demand (ex-Saleshub) is an effective LinkedIn tool for boosting outreach. While doing its job, the instrument has personalization at its core.

Top Rated AI Tools

Fixkey: Grammarly for powerusers

Vault by Modernbanc: Build custom payments flows in 5 minutes

Iteration X: The AI-native project management app

NVIDIA Chat with RTX: Build a localized, personal AI chatbot

subscribed: Take the power to never be overcharged again


A couple who lost their child in a school shooting in Florida, started a new project called The “Shotline”. They want stricter gun laws. They use AI to make recordings of kids killed by guns and send them to lawmakers.

The government says US companies could get in trouble if they secretly use people's info to teach AI. Big tech already uses your data to recommend shows, products, and places nearby.

Google is using AI to help its employees work better. They made a big AI model called “Goose”. It's like a smart assistant for building new stuff. Goose is trained on 25 years of Google's tech knowledge. It can answer questions, write code, and even edit code based on what you say.

Cool AI Tool

Todays AI tool is designed specifically for designing logos.

It also come with a mockups, so you can put your design on cloths, bags, etc.

This tool uses AI generated images and you can also edit images, color, etc. with it.

It comes with lots of templates too!

Simply go to Kittl and start use it!



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