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Belief Creates the Fact


Pixel AI

Google Introduces New AI Features in Next Pixel Phones

  • Google is working on a "Pixel Screenshots" feature to process and search through manually taken screenshots.

  • Unlike Microsoft's Recall tool, Google's feature will not automatically capture activity, addressing some privacy concerns.

  • Users can enable or disable AI processing for screenshots, with options to summarize or ask questions about the content.

Google's continued focus on integrating AI into everyday smartphone features, potentially enhancing user experience while balancing privacy concerns.

Best Prompts of Chat-GPT

Learn AI in 5 Minutes a Day

AI Tool Report is one of the fastest-growing and most respected newsletters in the world, with over 550,000 readers from companies like OpenAI, Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft, and more.

Our research team spends hundreds of hours a week summarizing the latest news, and finding you the best opportunities to save time and earn more using AI.

Upscale Your Images

Magnific is an AI-powered tool that enhances and upscales images and increasing their resolution.

This makes Magnific ideal for photographers, graphic designers, digital artists, and illustrators.

Figma's New Tool Copies Apple Design

Figma Pulls AI Tool After Copying Apple’s App Design

  • Figma’s new tool, Make Designs, was pulled after creating designs similar to Apple’s iOS weather app.

  • Figma CEO Dylan Field admitted pushing the team to meet deadlines led to this issue.

  • The tool used third-party AI models from OpenAI and Amazon, which may have been trained on Apple’s designs.

This incident highlights the complexities and potential legal risks of using generative AI in design, stressing the need for transparency and careful oversight in AI training processes.

Top Rated AI Tools

Investor Profile by Roundtable: Find your next investors with Roundtable

BuilderKit: Build and ship AI tools super fast

Suno: Make any song you can imagine, anytime & anywhere

WebInsights: Visual website analytics for code and SEO

Slack Community Sites by Hall: Save Slack conversations into a branded SEO-optimized site


Magic (a U.S. startup that creates AI models for writing software) is negotiating to raise over $200 million. This funding would value the company at $1.5 billion.

Edit specific parts of images in seconds

Learn to adjust your images for free using AI:

  1. Go to Krea AI's Patch Enhance Tool, it's free

  2. Upload your image and click "Enhance"

  3. Right-click on the enhanced image and choose "Patch Enhance Tool"

  4. Outline the part you want to change

  5. Describe the change and click "Patch Enhance" to see your updated image.

Top Rated AI Tool GPTs

image generator: Specializes in generating and refining images.

Consensus: Assisting in content drafting with accurate citations.

Write For Me: Writes engaging content with a focus on quality.

Canva: Enables effortless design such as presentations, logos, and social media posts.

Logo Creator: Generates logo designs based on user input.


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