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Tesla is Making a SuperComputer

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When it comes to luck
Make your own


AI brews beer and your big ideas

What’s your biggest business challenge? Don’t worry about wording it perfectly or describing it just right. Brain dump your description into AE Studio’s new tool and AI will help you solve that work puzzle.

Describe your challenge in three quick questions. Then AI churns out solutions customized to you.

AE Studio exists to solve business problems. They build great products and create custom software, AI and BCI solutions. And they once brewed beer by training AI to instruct a brewmeister and then to market the result. The beer sold out – true story.

Beyond beer, AE Studio’s data scientists, designers and developers have done even more impressive things working 1:1 with founders and executives. They’re a great match for leaders wanting to incorporate AI and just generally deliver outstanding products built with the latest tools and tech.

If you’re done guessing how to solve work problems or have a crazy idea in your back pocket to test out, ask AI Ideas by AE Studio for free solutions, right now.


Tesla is Making a SuperComputer

Tesla is not just a car company. It’s aiming to be a big AI company too.

For AI, you need super-powerful computers to train models.
Tesla has one called Dojo.

Elon Musk is putting more than $1 billion into Project Dojo.

This supercomputer will use lots of video data from Tesla cars with smart driving tech to make better self-driving car software. Even though it's a big deal, Tesla's stock dropped 4% after the news.

Tesla planning to build another Dojo in New York for $500 million.

Future of AI

Music industry

AI will change music industry.

There will be two kinds of music:

  1. Music made by humans

  2. Music made by AI

There will be a new app, like Spotify, just for AI music.

You pay for it every month or year.

You choose what kind of music you want.

The cool part? You won't keep hearing the same music.

Imagine this:

You listen to a human-made song.

After you listen, the app asks if you liked it.

If you say yes, it suggests an AI-made song like it.

You say yes, and it gives you an AI song similar to the one you just heard.

Isn't that amazing?

Top Rated AI Tools

MarketingIdeas: Never run out of marketing ideas ever again

PopAi: Your personal AI workspace

toddle: Change the way your team builds products

Bloks: Get briefed like a boss

GEMIX: Generate the perfect profile picture for you, in any style


The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court found out that a lawyer used ChatGPT to research past cases for a medical malpractice lawsuit. But she didn't make sure the case she mentioned actually existed. So she accidently used fake ones.

Microsoft wants to train lots of people in India to use AI. They're doing this because AI is becoming important, but it might also cause some people to lose their jobs and make inequality worse. They plan to train 2 million people by 2025.

“How to” AI

How to turn your drawing into animations.

  1. Go to sketch metademolab

  2. Upload your drawing

  3. Fill optional consent form

  4. Tweak your drawing

  5. Animate your drawing!!



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