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WWDC: Apple’s AI Revolution

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The mind is everything.
What you think, you become.


WWDC: Apple’s AI Revolution

Apple just kicked off its much-anticipated WWDC event, unveiling its new ‘Apple Intelligence’ AI strategy, a partnership with OpenAI, and a slew of new AI features coming to iOS 18, iPadOS, and macOS 15.

Siri Upgrades

  • The next-gen Siri will have more natural conversations, remember context across requests, and handle more complex tasks by better understanding both voice and text.

  • Siri gains ‘onscreen awareness’, allowing it to take actions and use on-device info to better tailor requests to individual users.

New AI Features

  • New AI writing tools in apps like Mail, Messages, and Notes will help users auto-generate and edit text.

  • Mail will use AI to better organize and surface content in inboxes, while Notes and Phone will have new audio transcription and summarization capabilities.

  • AI-crafted ‘Genmojis’ enable personalized text-to-image emojis, and a new "Image Playground" feature introduces an image generation tool from prompts.

  • Photos will get more conversational search abilities, the ability to create photo ‘stories’, and new editing tools.


  • Privacy is a key focus, with new features using on-device processing when possible and Private Cloud Compute for more complex tasks.

  • Private Cloud Compute (PCC) is Apple’s new system for private AI processing on the cloud.

  • The new AI features will be opt-in, so users won’t be forced to adopt them.

OpenAI Integration

  • The partnership with OpenAI will allow Siri to use ChatGPT/GPT-4 when needed for more complex questions.

  • OpenAI’s blog also highlighted additional ChatGPT tools like image generation and document understanding embedded into the new OS.

Give Instant Answers to Your Customers

Tired of hunting for answers in endless chat threads and documents?

QueryPal is here to help.

Their AI chatbot integrates smoothly with your favorite communication tools.

Trained on your company’s documents.

Connect with Slack, Notion, Confluence, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

Say goodbye to answering the same questions over and over!

Delete Anything From Anywhere

ImgCleaner is a free image cleanup tool that uses the latest AI technology to instantly remove unwanted objects from images and pictures.

It can clean up:

  • People

  • Scratches

  • Graffiti

  • Watermarks

  • Text

It’s 100% free and privacy safe

Top Rated AI Tools

Active Recall: Summarize anything, forget nothing

Elai: Generate interactive AI videos with quizzes & hotspots

Afforai: Collect, cite, annotate papers & research with AI

PhotoCaption: Save time growing your audience with perfect captions

EducUp Study: Turn ideas, videos, files, and links into gamified lessons


Elon Musk has threatened to ban all Apple devices from his companies. This comes after Apple announced a partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into their operating systems. Musk claims this is an "unacceptable security violation”.

How to Generate Animation Videos

  1. Log in to your account on Krea AI.

  2. Select the AI Video Generation option.

  3. Delete the default AI video animation by clicking the delete option in the add frame and text prompt.

  4. Go to Keyframes and click the + add keyframe button to open a new window.

  5. Upload your own images or generate new ones with AI.

  6. Set the video style from the side panel, and adjust the aspect ratio and motion intensity in the settings.

  7. Arrange your images in the desired sequence and add text prompts below them.

  8. Click Generate video to render it, and wait a few seconds for enhancement.

  9. Download your animated video.

Prompt of The Day

Pixel Art

We don’t know why. But for some reason we all love pixel arts.

These prompt help you to make the perfect pixel art.

Here are a few examples.

24-bit pixel art, Victorian London street, with gas lamps, horse-drawn carriages, and foggy atmosphere, style
32-bit pixel art, magical library filled with ancient books, floating orbs, and mystical creatures –ar 3:4 –s 2600 –upbeta –q 4
Blasphemous Game + pixel art + pixel art style + cover art style + award winning ilustration


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