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The hard days
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X & Midjourney Partnership

Elon Musk talked about AI on X and hinted at a partnership with Midjourney, an update on Neuralink's first human patient, and Grok 1.5.

Musk said, X is looking into working with Midjourney, possibly to integrate their image generator into X's Grok chatbot.

X might start labeling AI-made pictures on its feed, possibly as part of a deal with Midjourney.

Grok 1.5 is coming soon, with a new feature called “Grok Analysis” for summarizing posts and helping with writing.

Top Rated AI Tools

Locofy Lightning: Figma design to code in 1-click, with large design models

AdGen AI: Create 100+ high performing ad variations with AI

CoGig: All-in-one tool to manage flexible jobs

Sharpe Labs: All-in-one, self-custodial DeFi automation platform

Stey: AI optimized copy magic for your website


Google “Deepmind” recently introduced a new set of AI models named Gemma. Unlike its previous AI technology, Gemma is available for commercial use and can be shared among AI developers and researchers. It's a smaller and more accessible version of Google's previous Gemini model.

Nvidia is reporting its earnings on Wednesday, and everyone's watching. Wall Street is super interested in how much demand they'll have for their super expensive H100 chips.

“How to” AI

The beginner’s guide to creating prompts for ChatGPT

Cool AI Tool

If you have a podcast or ever participated in one…

and you don’t get advantage of making a short video about it…

you’re missing out on opportunities.

All you need to do is import your long video to this AI tool

And the tool will automatically trim and resize videos, add captions, and edit them in the Alex Hormozi style.

You can upload those videos on your LinkedIn, YouTube shorts, IG or TikTok.

It also includes features such as

  • AI curation

  • AI face detection

  • AI highlight

  • Auto transition

  • And more

All you need to do is to go to opus.pro and start use it for free



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